@Aeroxx_creative said in Cant import Cat or dog gcode that come with my ender 3 pro!: ...I just opend the gcode in wordpad so i'm gonna try and see what i can get out of it... Yes, I'm afraid if Creality are unable (or unwilling) to publish the original .stl files for these print examples, you just have to jump on the net and do some detective work. I was surprised that the bed temp was only 45'C, but as the cat is printed on a raft it doesn't seem to be a problem. This gCode look-up may be of some use: https://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/G000-G001.html There are a number of gCode analysers on the net which you may find useful...like this one; https://gcodeanalyser.com/ Just drag your gCode to the site and it may show something interesting (looks like the Prints Speed is about 60mm/s and Travel Speed is about 80mm/s). Whereas the default speed in the Cat gCode is 4200, which is mm/min, so divide by 60 and this is 70mm/s. With your own prints, it may be worth slowing down the print speed to see if this gives any improvement. I'm also a very new Creality user (CR-10-V3) and having similar quality issues, and I'm documenting some of my experiences here: http://captainbodgit.blogspot.com/search/label/3D printer