@erodriguez I have same issue, only for the CR-6 Max. Came home to my two week old printer and found last mm of a multiple part print was a birds nest of plastic. Cleaned it up, rand some edits, re-renders on a ask nose clip model, re-sliced and then heard a terrible chattering during attempted x axis homing. I tried pulling the motor lead plug out of the Z gantry 4-way socket and got an LED to power with pins between 1&2 or 3&4 (Proving motor working as generator, both phases when moving the x axis manually. Then I swapped the x motor to the extruder axis socket, setting PLA prewarm and then testing both extrude and retract. These drove the X motor, no problems. So then I switched the extruder to be driven off the X axis driver socket, again, horrible chattering, this time with extruder motor. Then I put both X axis and extruder motors back to correct sockets and removed the IDC ribbon cable from the Z gantry and I found that the left most two IDC socket pins would drive my LED with x axis movement and so would the next two vertical pin pair. I replugged the IDC ribbon cable plug in and again powered up the printer and retested the X axis. Again, terrible chattering and movement, indicating drive of one coil has been lost. Either at the ribbon cable, or at the motherboard. What was the resolution for your issue Rodriguez?