@getdjc I can't see your attachement, but I can tell you about two problems my Ender 3 V2 had out of the box: one of the rails where the wheels of the Y axis are supposed to run had a bump on it, so the plate was lowering and then rising again when the wheels were moving on it. The plate made a thumping sound when passing on the bump. The Y axis bar has two pairs of rails, so I solved the problem by mounting the bar upside down, so that the wheels were running on the good pair of rails. The eccentric nuts of the bed didn't come already adjusted from the factory, and the user manual didn't say anything about this. I figured out that, if the plate is wobbling, you can simply adjust the eccentric nuts under the bed to make the wheels perfectly match with the rails. If you manually click the switch before the plate moves to the back, does the homing stop? If not, it's a problem in the switch or in its connection to the main board. With everything aligned, it shouldn't make any bad sound.