@tyoc213 said in Configuring slic3r???: What do I put in the ??? Flavour of gcode??? Marlin Size The bed size, 235 x 235 Nozzle diameter? Your nozzle diameter, unsurprisingly. 0.4mm is common, but put whatever you have on there. Filament diameter See above. 1.75mm unless you've changed extruders/hotends. Extrusion temperature? Depends on your material. Like it says on screen, 160-230°C for PLA is good. I'm running 210 degrees centigrade for my Octofiber PLA. Bed temperature? See above. Again, as the screen says, 60°C for PLA is a good rule of thumb. Personally running at 55 degrees centigrade for the Octofiber filament, but depends on your material.