3 V3 SE Manual Download

Hello everyone. I am new here and to 3D printing so if I am in the wrong area, please point me in the right direction. I bought an Ender 3 V3 SE and I remember seeing an advanced user manual on the SD card included. After several uses, my computer would not recognize the SD card without formatting. I lost all the content on the card. I have looked everywhere to try and locate the advanced manual. I believe it was about 100 pages. Can someone point me to where to find this manual? Thanks and have a good day.


Will that do? I don’t recall a 100 page one, but I shall hunt down my SD card to check.

No, that is not the one I’m after. When I first got the printer, I’m positive there was a larger manual with more advanced instructions than the one you sent. I said to myself “I’ll look at it later”. If I remember, this doc was imbedded two or three levels down in one of the files on the card.

Update: To anyone interested, I was finally able after hours of searching to locate the SD card for download. This was in spite of NO HELP from those that should know these things. I was not correct in saying it was 100 pages but it has detailed settings instructions far in excess of the information in the so-called “user guide”.

I trust you mean Customer Service? Most of us on here are just users like yourself, just trying to help. So did you find the more comprehensive manual on SD card or online?

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Yes, customer service. ZERO reply to my query. As my previous post says "Found SD file online for download. That being said, Creality has sold thousands of these. That in turn would suggest there are a large number of people here. Over twnety views and only one offer of help(Bonfireman). If this was a true “community” someone could have offered to copy and send me that file for the manual I sought.

Hello @Arbee and Welcome to the Creality Forum Creality

I understand you are upset about that manual but it’s not fair to blame this forum that way. I’m sure if someone had found that manual they would have shared it like the many other files you’ll see here.

I myself saw your request and spent some time looking for that manual and I only found the same one @Bonfireman did. I’m also sure others looked also and couldn’t find it. But we’re not going to come on here and say I couldn’t find it as that wouldn’t have helped you.

On this forum you’ll find many users sharing a lot of valuable knowledge that they’ve learned since starting this hobby.

I did notice you didn’t leave a link for others who might be interested in that manual. That’s ok. We have enough users here who do share.

I too would like to see this enhanced version of the manual, I might learn something and be able to pass that information on to other users, that is the sort of thing that helps make the community better for all of us.

Sorry dude but if you spent “some time looking” then you didn’t look very hard. As I stated on my other post, it is right there on the SD card, in about two or three levels. Clear as day. As far as a “link”, it can be found by searching “Replace Creality SD card”. You then have to buy a Dropbox Account for the download.

We are, as I said, just users of the product and try to help where we can. I am sorry that that is not good enough for you.

And I’m sorry you got butthurt. I’m simply stating facts. I am a member of other help forums and only one or two views will result in SOMEONE responding. As I have stated SEVERAL times now, the information is on the SD card. Everyone who bought this printer has this card. Not everyone’s computer will reject opening up this card like mine did.

So it is either a card issue or your card reader issue? Not butthurt, just trying to help. I have the card but can’t read the card either. I await your next request for assistance from a fellow user.