50% OFF Pre-Order of the K2 Plus Multicolor Combo is active NOW!🔥

50% OFF Pre-Order of the K2 Plus Multicolor Combo is active NOW!!!:fire:

Only 200 users could get it for $749.50, Hurry up!

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If only the website and paypal could fullfill this action …

Had the super early bird in my basket, unable to pay, although within a few minutes after putting it in my basket.
Cloudflare failures and Paypal blokkage…

I’m very disappointed…

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Looks like they are going to do the 50% again tomorrow…


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Thank you so much for joining in the K2 Plus Flash Sale event. Even there are issues happened during the event, the first 200 pieces of K2 Plus have been all sold out! Congratulations for whom made it to order the amazing multicolor 3D printer. No frustrations for missing the first round, to thank you for your great passion and supporting us all the time, we decided to add 200 more pics of 50% off chances for all customers at the same time tomorrow (9AM EDT on 6 June). And 40% off chance to order will begin right after the extra 50% finishes. Stay tuned and see you to tomorrow at the same time!

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Please check the shipping error! afaik not e single person was able to buy in EU. Most people had it in cart, paid but the store told that it cant´t be shipped to Germany, France, Netherland, …

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…can´t be shipped to Poland…

I am still could not be able to buy anything. So tomorrow i will not be able to try again. Could you do something with that?

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creality shipping options
Neither in the Netherlands…

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I had the same problem. After a thousand refresh, I was finally able to put the K2 in my basket in the EU store but the cart showed unable to send to France. And to put matter worst, Paypal blocked the payment for having trying to get through too often. The German store does not offer delivery to France either and I won’t speak about the global store !!!
I hope tomorrow will be better, otherwise I will let it down all together.

Neither in Belgium. Had the K2 Plus in my cart but I just couldn’t finish the payment. Not very fair and i felt quite frustrated :frowning: will try again tomorrow and hope that it will work and i get a new chance at least.

As i said. No one in the EU was able to get one. And i bet they won‘t fix the issue. Tomorrow will be the same. I told them to Check all orders so the‘ll see that something went really wrong

I had the same addressing issue but in Australia using the Australian store. It would say no shipping options available, I switched between my address and my work address MANY times and eventually it decided it was OK and let me proceed. Guessing it’s still communicating with Creality’s poor web server that was getting slaughtered.

It was quite a roller coaster, site went down, Boo!
Finally got it back, managed to press PayPal Woo!
And then a 404, figured I was already too late… :smiling_face_with_tear:
Repeated again and managed to hit confirm payment! Hell yes!
And then the next receipt/address page would not load. Noooo!
Refreshed the hell out of that and eventually it loaded minutes later. Woo!
Then I could not enter address, WF%FSA$^$#!
Got past that hurdle, Shurly I’ve done it! :star_struck:
And then after pressing complete i got a 404 error NOOOOOOOOOO!
Thinking the worst… I then I got the email saying it’s confirmed! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I certainly needed a drink afterwards haha…

Very happy, now to play the waiting game.

1 second after the start, allready sold out?!!?

Or is the message ‘out of stock’ correct for Europe?!? no stock to sell!?!?


Impossible. Did it actually start? I’m refreshing for the past 8 minutes.

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I was just notified that Bambulabs also has a sale… not limited by number or date…

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Strange things happening at the shop…
Also the 40% (i’m no buyer at that price) is away in 1 second after the start…

Same here. Refreshed at exacty 15h CET… got the “add to cart” option which i hit instantly. It said “sold out” while the progress bar of sold items was only at 15%. How is that possible? This seems like a play… impossible it sold out today within 1 second, no pay/send options yesterday. If you’re not planning to sell and make this offer just to make fuzz, it makes people like me never to buy Creality again.

Maybe it was just for make a noise and not to sell anything in that price. Yesterday it was a problem named “There are no available shipping options for your delivery address.” and today after one second is sold out. Perhaps Creality did not sell any of that printer. I think we will not get answer.

It gave a 404 for me yesterday aswell when I tried to pay. Then they cancelled it and told me to try tomorow again. Then got messages telling me 1 per customer…

This exactly happened to me yesterday, and more weird things. Today however, I’ve got a message telling me, “You already have one in your cart.” I couldn’t get 50% and 40% because of that. Well I give up I guess.