A fine exercise in bed adhesion

After printing the sides for a K1 lid I discovered the walls were warped at each end: Left S/B 100 was 98.45 Right 99.10 the center was 99.98. Instead of trying again I made a small test wall 100 long, 20 high and 3.5 wide, after 12 prints it is still not equal all across the wall, the best I’ve gotten is 19.91, 19.98, 19.55, it either warps or comes off the bed during the plot. I have tried brims, rafts, 45~80 bed temperatures, and moving the wall to different locations on the bed.
Here is the STL https://aaes.us/100x20x3.5-wall.stl

Hi @Airheadbit

I printed that out this morning on a K1 Max.

Creality Print.
No brim
Using Black PLA
Bed 60°C
Nozzle 230°C

Cleaned the bed with alcohol. No glue…
It stayed put. Didn’t move.
Turned the side fan to 50%

End 20.23 mm
Middle 20.24 mm
End 19.90 mm

Thickness was consistent at 3.53 mm

99.65 mm length

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