I am a new user, but have printed sucessfully a few large pieces for the needs of my bussiness, but with one particular piece I am having quite an issue, the printer seems to be doing good and then for no apparent reason since I had run the Creality print simulation and looked good, there happens to be a displacement in the position of the next layer causing the piece to be a failure, I have tried to made the part three times already, increasing the rigidity of the supports and their adhesion surface but the “jump” persists, the failure not happening at the same height

Skipped steps is the likely culprit. Your tool head could have collided. You look to have an over extrusion issue. I would start there.

Sir thanks for your answer, but I do not fully understand: the tool head collided with what? there was nothing on the bed apart from the piece, and the machine builds the piece upwards on horizontal layers, how can the tool head collide with anything ? having said that, in one of the pieces, I was around and heard a noise that sounded to me like if the head had collided with one of the supporting “sticks” … but what can I do about it ??? what can I do to avoid this kind of collisions ?? regards from the Canary Islands - Spain

Looking in the web for the calibration of e-steps …