A Letter from Creality CEO Adam Ao

Dear valued Creality community,
Taking the chance of the thanks season, our CEO Adam Ao expressed his heartfelt words to all of our cherished users.
Thank you for being with us for such a long time.
Thank you for giving feedback, no matter positive or negative, which always drives us forward.
Thank you for devoting your energy and enthusiasm to 3D printing and creation.

Too many thanks to say…
Let’s read the letter together.

Also, we have received touching reply to letters from our users. Each of them is the representative of all users, no matter which reason brings you there with Creality.
Find yourself in the video :heart::heart:


I was honoured to be a part of this and to be asked to read the letter from Adam Ao. It was also great to have my reply read by Optimus at Creality and to be welcomed as a leading member of the Creality Community.

Good work Creality and as I said in my letter, I look forward to working closely with you and the Community for many years to come.


Hello @Mitch1967,
Really glad to have you onboard here too…!!
Thanks for all you’ve done…


Hey. Just glad to be of use and part of this community!