A LIDAR unit for K1 Max

I managed to get a lightly used K1 Max that came out of a print farm that went out of business. The machines must have been from a special order because none of them were equipped with cameras or LIDAR systems. Getting a replacement for the camera was very easy. However, Creality refuses to even quote me a price for one. Does anyone know where I could pick up even a used LIDAR unit for the K1 Max?


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I’m not sure where you could pick up a used one unless there’s one on Ebay or something.

You can print just fine without the LiDar hooked up… I’ve disconnected mine and took it off before without any problems. In the Options under camera uncheck the Motion Advance and AI settings so it won’t activate the LiDar when you calibrate before a print.

Is it a K1 Max with a 300x300 plate…? Just wondering as the K1 didn’t come with a Camera or LiDar…

Yes, it is definitely a 300mm X 300mm K1 Max. As I mentioned a significant number of these K1 Max machines came out of a company that had these machines in a print farm. None of them had cameras or lidar units. My supposition is that the company made a special order of machines from Creality at a reduced price without cameras or lidar units. I am certainly aware that I can print without the lidar unit. I have rooted the printer and installed Mainsail. I would just like to see how much different the printer could perform with the lidar in it. I’m just hoping that someone would be interested in selling their lidar unit.

Ok Great. I understand now. I hope you find one. :+1:

Was it in pretty good shape and does it print good…?

Fortunately, it was in great shape and prints well.