AB.temp error CR10 smart Pro

suffering with a AB.temp error on my CR10 Smart Pro.
i have two of these printers.

  1. swapped complete extruder/ hotend. same problem donor printer running fine with swapped extruder so rhe problem is not in this part.

fails everytime bed heats up, nozzle starts to heat up, sometimes gets to 200 then cools down again, or as its heating error pops up.

Check the thermistor on your hotend is not loose and also check that the voltage selection switch is in the correct position for your region.

thanks for replying, Smart Pro uses 110-240v PSU so no voltage selector fitted.
have swapped complete extruder/ nozzle onto another Smart Pro, it works fine on the other printer and vice versa. so it must be a faulty motherboard or cable. Bed heats up fine, nozzle temp never changes.
waiting for Creality to allow a warranty return as printer only 1 month old.

Sorry to hear its still not working right. Hopefully support will get back to you with a resolution asap :slight_smile:

Hi, did you get a solution for you problem. I have the same issue now.