About the Creality Ender-3 V3 Plus category

Since the release of the V3 series, including the KE, SE, and regular V3, many users have expressed that the print volume is not sufficient for larger projects. We’ve heard your feedback!

Introducing the V3 Plus with a 58% increase in print volume, we believe it will significantly meet everyone’s printing needs.

We welcome you to share your expectations and requirements for the V3 Plus. I have invited relevant personnel responsible for the V3 series products to join the forum to read and address everyone’s questions, and we will select the most interesting topics for discussion!

Lastly, from over 200 blessing videos, we will randomly select a winner among those who mentioned ‘My first printer is from our Ender series’ and award them with a V3 Plus. This is our way of thanking you all for your support of Creality Ender. Stay tuned for the winner announcement!