Acceleration & Jerk parameters

Topic is with my Ender 3 v3 SE and PLA.
Creality Print, speed preferences can someone set me straight with Enable acceleration & Jerk control options. On my end, acceleration is enabled and jerk control being OFF are presented as default settings. I’ve selected various combos to see the effect on print time, I did not actually perform the print (only viewed the estimated times given by the Creality Print app). Example:

Both enabled 40 minutes 37 seconds;
acceleration ON & Jerk OFF 41.7;
acceleration OFF & Jerk ON 49.58; and
both OFF 51 minutes 2 seconds.

If these are enabled and controlling as per the title says, would not the print time take longer? Having either ON shortens print time and thus in my mind more sudden/faster direction changes in the x and y axis. I prefer less sudden print-head direction changes for reducing maintenance on belts, frame, frame fasteners, etc… over length of time to carry out a print.

All this to say, I am looking at reasonable settings for printer mechanical vs getting print job done quickly.

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Good question. It probably doesn’t directly answer your question but I did a little research and found a really smart person on the Reddit 3D printing forum explain this:

I just leave them at the default settings… :thinking:

Thanks for the input, much appreciated.

Are you having print issues related to the travel movements?

If you’re not having print issues related to the speed settings then I would just leave it. It may eventually shake your printer to pieces but if the prints are fine then… :astonished:

I also did some testing and found 5mms is perfect for my printing needs. I’m not so much concerned with the actual time savings and more with the print quality as if the quality is garbage I have to spend all the more time re-printng which costs more time, money and creates stress which is bad and eventually makes you write run on sentences like this one. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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You mentioned “testing and found 5mms is perfect for you” what speed parameter is this?
No printing issue so far; being that this was my first 3d PLA printer, I was extremely shocked at the speed of the infill walls and the abrupt movements of the print head on fine details or cornering. I have milling machines, lathes, etc and thus seeing this machine operate, I was expecting the vertical gantry post supports to suddenly fall apart.
Yesterday, I did further reading on Creality Print’s wiki for their version of term acceleration and jerk speeds in the printing hobby. Now it is clearer to me as to why the print head jerks in order to have consistent laying down of the material without causing visual artifacts in the locations of the sudden path changes.

I’m printing lithophanes vertically, which is very sensitive to any vibrations, at 75mms with very smooth and consistent results. For non “critical” printing like the frames I print for them I have had success with Infill at 500mms Outer@300mms and Inner@500mms with accelerations around 5000mm/s2. and the jerk at 30mms. It’s not super fast but it doesn’t shake the machine or my nerves too bad. :smile: