Accepted Types and Submission Instructions for Originality Proof in the Community Forum Model Competition

Dear 3D Printing Enthusiasts,

The issue of 3D creation copyright is a very serious matter. Concerning copyright and originality, the community forum will adhere to the relevant policies of Creality Cloud, providing protection for the creativity of all original authors.

:point_right: Regarding Transactions

Currently, the community forum only plans for model competitions (including dedicated contests for original models and contests with no restrictions on model copyrights) and does not provide services for trading models. All participating models are automatically granted permission for Creality to use them for promotional purposes, such as showcasing in live streams (with attribution to the original designer), displaying in Creality’s exhibition hall (with acknowledgment of the original designer), or featuring on Creality’s official social media platforms (with attribution to the original designer) and so on.

Note: The mentioned permissions are limited to promotional use, and Creality will not engage in any selling activities involving your model works.

:point_right: Community Fourm protect designer’s copyrighted works

In Creality Community Fourm, your original work (inc 3D prints & articles) is restrictedly protected under Copyright License 4.0. If you find any breach of agreement, please contact us to discuss further action.

:point_right: Why is a Proof of Creation Needed?

It is crucial to upload proof of originality for your 3D works to protect your rights as the creator. Without this proof, it may be challenging to defend your rights if someone else tries to claim your work. Additionally, it serves as persuasive evidence to safeguard your 3D designs from malicious reports.

:point_right: What is a Proof of Creation?

A proof of creation is a document that demonstrates you are the creator of the 3D work and that it is an original creation. This could be a certificate from a recognized institution, a timestamped record of the work’s creation, or any other evidence clearly indicating that you are the original creator.

:eyes: Examples include:

  1. A certificate from a recognized institution under your local laws serves as proof of creation for your artwork.

  1. A proof of creation for your artwork can be a recording of the process of your 3D creation.


  1. A proof of creation for your artwork can be a link or screenshot leading to any recognized and authoritative 3D platform where you have already sold or shared your 3D creation.

  1. A proof of creation for your artwork can be detailed design sketches and various supporting materials.


:traffic_light: Important Notes:

  1. If your proof materials are screenshots or images, please upload high-resolution images that clearly display your 3D design graphics and parameters.

  2. Avoid uploading sliced screenshots.

  3. Specific instructions on who to send the relevant proofs to and where will be provided in each competition’s rules.

We require all participating users to submit proof of the originality of their 3D creations along with the upload of their 3D models. Please note that failure to provide proof of originality may disqualify your model from the final award selection process.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.

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I’m glad to see this, it will hopefully keep the competitions cleaner and respectful of others work.