Adding Chamber Heater to K1 Max

I usually print ABS and ASA filament, i found that K1 Max has a lot of positive characteristics but passive heating of chamber results in more than 20 minutes lost waiting and chamber temperature that not grow more than 40° celsius. i think that a kit with active heating of chamber in order to reach stable 60-70° will be welcome and foundamental for good layers adhesion of high temperature filament. in my opinion Infrared heater could be something new compared to competitors.

The K2 Plus was announced with a heated build chamber. I’m not sure if all parts in the K1 Max are suited for 70°C chamber temp, especially the extruder already runs a bit hot without it.

i’m not sure too. passive heating of bed at 110° at tropical climate i think that chamber reach 50-60° ; the problem is not the extrusion but in a tall piece temperature differenes from bed to top causes delamination and poor adhesion.
i will try two (to cover shadow) external infrared lamp and thermal map to measure gain