AI detection feature is a joke on the K1C

Hi all.
This post is to vent some frustrations with the AI detection feature.
I’m using a PETG filament that supposedly supports prints speed from 70mm/s to 100mm/s .

Spoiler alert - it does not.

For 3 days now that I’m trying to print something with it and it always fails.

  • First time was a power failure (I did not resume the printing service - cannot pin this problem on the filament) .

  • Second time, it did not finish printing because there was a knot in the filament and the printer was printing in the void - AI detection module did nothing

  • Third time I caught it printing in the void again (still don’t know what happened) - AI detection module did nothing.

Hence, my question: What’s the AI detection module supposed to do?

I’m assuming now it’s just some hype to sell the printer …

It is suppose to detect bad first layers and spaghetti printing and scanning if bed is clear to print on.

You have to start “printing with calibration” (and AI checked, bedlevel checked on the K1 machine padscreen)

It worked for me, when I left a tool on the bed it detected it.

Oh, that it does. But the features they announced was way beyond that simple features.

I was expecting that the AI features would go beyond that.

One feature they announced was detecting when some part of the piece was with problems or fallen, they would not keep print there.

I’m guessing that will not work…
I’m not relying on any AI features …

I have had no issues with the AI features. I think they work great.

Your issue with PETG is likely due to the extruder not strong enough to pull on the spool, so it’ll clearly block itself (it’ll disengage the filament). I solved this issue by creating spool holder on a ball bearing (search thingiverse). This lower the spool resistance force to almost 0, thus the extruder doesn’t fail anymore. That way, you can reach higher extrusion speed and thus printing speed. Also, you can now move the spool to the right side of the machine instead of the back, which is, IMHO a design dumbness (bad ergonomic and UX).