AI function K1 Max

Does anyone know how the AI first layer check is supposed to work?
Will the first layer be printed and then printing stops to do the check? Or does it happen during the print?

Am I suppose to see any laser beam on the bed or is it invisible?

I have some concerns If this works even tho it is activated.

The AI function have stoped some prints late in the print but I think it took a bit to long before it stopped.

How it works:
After the first layer is printed, the LIDAR scans the first layer by itself and then compares it to the actual model, it will alert you if there is a problem.

About your questions:

  1. After the first layer is printed, printing is paused and scanning begins;
  2. during the scanning process, you will not see the laser beam;
  3. yes, the scanning takes a little bit of time, but it will be done soon, don’t worry;

Thank you.
I just started a print with the calibration box checked. And this time the printer scanned the first layer with a visual laser beam.

Is the first layer only checked if I check the calibration box?

I thought calibration just mean that it will do the long 11 min auto leveling process before the print start?


Is the first layer only checked if I check the calibration box?

When you check the calibration box in the print screen it will do a calibration to make sure the bed is level.
When you go to the setup menu under System / Self Check you will find the options for the “11 minute” Input Shaping and Auto Leveling.

The setup menu under Camera / AI Function is for the Lidar calibration which is different. It checks the first layer of your print and pauses or continues depending on what option you choose.

In this same menu screen if you turn on Motion Advance the machine will print out a Zig Zag pattern on the left side of the build plate and then scan with the Lidar.

If is there any update let me know (100% parsley detection on fales during the print as well as on the first layer without giving too many false warnings and also manages to do this on a PEI plate) - As well as that the Laidar on the print head no longer gets in the way during maintenance work.

Think the K1 Max could become definitely interesting. There are only a few alternatives with it`s disadvantages as well, the X1 costs a whole lot more, the FLsun S1 only has 226 x 226 for square shapes. Yes the MAX could get interssting and I follow the updates very closely, especially on the lidars. However they first need to do there job and getting off of this pure advertising app.