Air light flashing red

Hi, I received my Falcon 2 22W machine this week and have only had time to test it on 2 cuts on various thickness of paper in lightburn, all was good.
Now, upon starting the machine it goes through its sequence of flashing green lights, beeps and running air. Once done, the air light flashes amber once and continues to flash red, both others remain green.
There is good airflow through the tube and laser module.

Now it will not connect to my computer anymore.
It does not show up in the USB list of connected devices on a MacBook.
Macbook no longer asks me to allow the connection from the device.

I am not troubleshooting the Mac side as I imagine the flashing red Air light is the culprit.

Help please


So since no-one has chimed in on this I’ll post my finding that I was wrong about the flashing red light as it’s in its normal state when the air has stopped ( even in standby without a program running )

I resolved my issue only after re-flashing the firmware on the unit twice and the laser unit once.

Hopefully it sticks this time.


Hello @Gcap ,

Glad you could join the Creality Forum…!!! Welcome:wave:

I’m glad you found what was going on with your Falcon 2 22W and also Thank you for sharing that as someone else will most likely have the same questions…!!