Airflow for a Falcon2 40w enclosure

HI. I am installing vents on the falcon2 40w enclosure, one is the original one, i am using it for air input and the second one is AC Infinity AXIAL 8038, Quiet Muffin Fan, 120V AC 80mm x 38mm Low Speed, UL-Certified for DIY Cooling Ventilation Exhaust Projects, for output (23 cfm).
I think that the airflow is not high enough. Knowing that the closure volume is 7.3 cubic feet, is it OK or do I have to install a more powerful vent for output?

I think the airflow should be enough, you just need to guide the air with the smoke in the right direction, not replace the air in the enclosure every couple of seconds. The fan on the Falcon 2 Pro is not stronger than the one that you have selected.