Alarm 8 and alarm 3 in lightburn

Hi… recently purchased a creality falcon 2 22w laser, yet when homing in lightburn all i constantly get is alarm 8 and alarm 3 and nothing moves at all and it’s getting a little frustrating.

This seems indicates that LB can’t talk to one of the switches.
Does the laser head moves at all? Does it go all the way to the limit switch?
Did you try disconnecting/reconnecting the cables that go to these switches?

What happens if/when you press the home button on the laser unit after you turned it on (fresh ON) when not connected to the computer?

Hi, x axis is not working at all when homing on computer or manually.
I have checked all connections and belts.
I have informed creality and got a tracker id number but that was 3 days ago and have heard nothing since.
Still getting this

These errors seem to come from the fact that the x axis doesn’t move.
Probably a defective motor.
I hope you get new soon from Creality.
Good luck, and keep us posted on the resolution!

Hello, I just joined the Creality family (falcon2 22w).

I have the same problem, I came to the forum hoping to find a solution and there is neither an answer nor a solution.There are people in other forums have experienced this problem and there is no solution, too.

Creality is a big disappointment, it is unacceptable that the company does not offer any solution for its problematic products.

Instead of spending money on YouTube phenomena, improve your after sale service

As there seem to be some units that have bent pins, I suggest you check each cable and inspect the pins to ensure they are straight and can fit in the connectors.
Just unplug the connector and visually inspect the pins.
If you find one that is bent, try to gently unbend it, but don’t wiggle it too much or it will just break - these are fragile.

I have been having the same problem for a few days, but the Y axis is failing for me.
Have you found any solution?
thank you