Alien Diorama from the movie

  • Printing Machine: Halot Mage Pro for the figures , K1 Max for the Base
  • Selected materials: Creality Standard resin and PLA Matte
  • Print settings: Used default settings with tree supports and brim. shell was 2 layers, infill was 5% Gyroid in Creality Print for the filament. Used default settings with shelled model to 1.5mm. medium supports manually added in Halot box for the resin.
  • Time spent on printing: 2 weeks
  • Description: This was a great fun build, bigger than i thought though. The resin allowed the details to really show out well. I used the bigger filament K1Max to handle the big Base. Alien
    diorama model is by Patreon user Wicked.
  • Original Designer:
  • Country/Region: The down under wonderland of AUSTRALIA


Looks good…!!

You got a lot of painting to catch up on… :grinning: :art:

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That’s the wifes job :slight_smile:

Did you use “Generic PLA”? Or “Silk PLA” or “Hyper PLA”?

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