Aliens took over my K1M!

So, I designed this, messed around with optimal ways to print it, and let it run (6hr-ish print). It’s a coffee mug holder for a Baker Scaffold (small scaffold on wheels)

I was getting late, was a picture perfect start to it, then went to bed.
I woke up to a disaster, but not…It was salvageable, and as it turns out, better as it can now accommodate mugs w bigger handles!
So what happened? I snipped the frames from the timelapse, and I’m at an utter loss for words! (OK, I “was” at a loss. Better now, lol)
Anyone with a explanation for this:

There were no earthquakes, gunshots, SWAT teams, war, vehicles running into the house…dog slept soundly as did I 12 feet away.

Print Preview did NOT look like that

Damn aliens! Gun will be loaded next time!

Hmm. Looks like everything shifted over an inch or so. Weird. Did the power go out for a minute…? Once I had a power outage (lasted a couple minutes) in the middle of a print and when it started back up the whole top of the print was shifted over 1/8 inch. That was on a K1 though.

@Zerquetch Maybe this happened:

Shifted Layers…?

@Zerquetch ,

Did you ever figure out what those aliens were up to… Hopefully they don’t come here. :skull_and_crossbones:

Nope. If there was a power issue, I’m sure it would show in Event Viewer, a clock or two would flash, etc. Pretty sure they stole a 1/2 pack of smokes too… buggers!
Still don’t have a clue as to that one.

Well it looks like those aliens :imp: invaded my K1 Max here. It was a 4 hour print I left overnight. Just a simple crate storage box. Didn’t take pics sorry. Looked like it was trying to make two boxes and then changed it’s mind and finished one. Very weird. I’m wondering if you don’t reboot the printer once in a while does it run low on memory and start acting goofy…??

Anyone else have this issue? It does look like a layer shift except after it shifted layers for about 30 minutes of printing it went back to where it was supposed to be printing. Hard to explain really…

Belts are all tight and nothing loose inside. All other prints since then have been spot on… :+1:

Are you using C-Print? It doesn’t like complex arrays on the build plate (I typically load the plate with an assortment of objects). Usually it crashes, sometimes it just ejects filament randomly.
The workaround I use is rebooting the PC and the printer (at least 2x a week I reset the K1M to factory). That works on a few occasions.
I thought about a ram issue on the PC so I popped in another 64Gb but the issue remains.
I’ve printed files over 100Mb with no issues as long as they were simple objects and send all the crash data.
The company remains silent on this.

I use Creality Print.
I usually reboot the printer and the PC every night. So far this has been a one time thing otherwise it has been doing great.
I haven’t had any other issues recently now. Finally… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: