Any time line on Creality Print update?

I have 3.9 beta but it generates the ‘Blue Screen of Death’ with any complex STL files on a new i9 13th GEN Intel based computer with 64GB of memory.

Well it is a Beta version. I haven’t installed yet. Maybe the final version will be more stable… :crossed_fingers:

If you got it off Git Hub maybe leave some comments about that.

I would suggest going back to the what is it the V4.3.8.6984 Release…?


After fighting a ‘Temperature Tower’ issue for a few hours I watched as the printer laid down the layers and discovered the beta version was not completing the bridge, it would turn, draw across the opening then comeback and draw another line. I have no idea why they would do this. Needless to say the beta Creality Print has been removed from my machines.

At the moment the best version to use is V4.3.7.6619 you can get that from the Creality Cloud