Anyone else had problems with the K1 extruder leaking all over the place?

After a long print, some 5 hours, the extruder started clicking. When I investigated it there was a lump of semi-molten filament gluing everything together.
I have heard if Creality extruders leaking but this is impossible to disassemble the extruder


Remove the screws of the front cover, carefully remove the cover if it’s not stuck, watch for the cable of the fan.

Heat the hotend up, not too much just so that the type of filament that caused the leak softens, 190°C for PLA should be fine, let it sit for a few minutes and start carefully peeling the soft PLA off, if it does not melt on the oudside use a hair dryer or so to further soften it. Be very careful with all wires.

When it’s clean and no wires were damaged, heat up the hotend further and tighten the nozzle against the heat break, but counter the hotend with a wrench so that it does not snap off. If the nozzle is properly tightened against the heat break while heated up, it should not leak again.

If it worked, re run the leveling self-test because the offset of the nozzle might have changed a bit.

Unfortunately the heater and thermistor wires have broken I will need another hot end.