Anyone have issues with Sonic Pad?

I bought a Sonic Pad for my Ender3v2, in the hope of increasing print speed.
Installation failed and resulted in a non-working printer. After a number of back and forth exchanges with customer service, it was decide I would receive a kit for solving the problem.
As I needed a backup I bought a Ender Max Neo.
When I received the kit, it did not solve the Sonic Pad issue.
Finally, customer service gave me a method that allowed me to make the Ender 3v2 work again, by simply re-flashing both heh firmware and the display software.
Having noticed that the Ender Max Neo was even slower than the Ender 3v2, I tried to pair it with the Sonic Pad.
Here the installation process failed again, but re-flashing the printer did not work, so it is now unusable. Customer service has agreed to send me a new display and mother board.
However, I think the Sonic Pad is what causes the roblem.
Hopefully I will have the Ender Max Neo working again, but I’ll never trust the Sonic Pad.