April【Show off your Prints】

Welcome to the April showcase space! Feel free to share your model creations with the community by replying to this post.

We’ll select a lucky participant by draw live in the “Zora Livestream” to receive a free prize.

The deadline for submissions is 4/30, 23:59 UTC, and we’ll announce the winners on the third working day of the following month.

Good luck!


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These are done on my K-1 done with all default settings with Creality blue and green filament


Done for a gift for friends newborn baby, designed in tinkercad little stand glued on with hot glue so can be removed after to pop on the door if they want.

Printed on an V3 SE, the stand blocks were done on the Neo V1 while this was printing.


Printed on Elegoo Neptune 3

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Printed on ender3 S1 pro



I’m fixing some things in my 3D workshop and thought this one was a good fit. Especially considering the 10-year anniversary that is now. Congratulations Creality !


This is the Creality Logo Push-Pin Fidget Toy I designed for the Creality 10th Anniversary!
You can find it at Creality Cloud here: Creality Logo Push-Pin Fidget Toy | 3D models download | Creality Cloud

Creality Logo Push-Pin Toy Frikarte3D


Finally finished printing all the parts to my Noelle Spear from Nier. Started assembly last night and I’m so excited with how it’s turning out.


What colors will that be and do you paint with spray…?

I’ve seen your jewelry painting and it’s very good…

Thank you, for this spear after it has been sanded smooth I’ll be using a black gloss for the base. I’ve found it to be the best background for metallics, the body of the spearhead will be a silvery white achieved by using nail powder buffed into the surface roughly an hour after the black base is applied. For the Edge of the Spear, I’ll apply a similar technique mixing gunmetal and black to get a darker shade with some extra pop.

That will look great…! :crossed_swords:

Quadruple Portal Desk Toy
Printed on k1max, pretty difficult to print the spiral, since every one of the spirals are 250mm height. I printed one by one and the big spiral i used supports.
Total dimension is 260mm
Printed with creality hyper pla.

Link to the stl

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Hi to all this is my new print and paint

Created and printed some magnetic pins and a tray to hold them for tracking on a medicine tracking board. Simple but effective. The prints I think came out really nice. Elegoo Neptune 3 base model.

Havoc Squad Blaster Cannon, file by Mysterymakers on Patreon, also available on his Etsy account. Printed on my K1max using PLA+. Can’t remember how long it took out how much filament, but going on other models 2-3days and a couple of rolls

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A Star Wars blaster from Galactic Armory on Patreon, printed on K1max from PLA+. Used shower rails for the barrels