April【Show off your Setup】

Welcome to the April showcase space! Feel free to share your 3D printing studio or showcase your decorated 3D printers with the community by replying to this post.

We’ll select a lucky participant by draw live in the “Zora Livestream” to receive a free prize.

The deadline for submissions is 4/30, 23:59 UTC, and we’ll announce the winners on the third working day of the following month.

Good luck!


I wouldn’t have any of this if it weren’t for Creality my extended family. I am so inspired daily. We are now planning our retirement early because I am growing everyday. That you Creality!!! And Happy 10th Anniversary


Hi Charisse! It’s really impressive

Season 17 Wow GIF by America's Got Talent

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Very impressive. Very clean and organized! Great that your business is growing and you can retire early and do something you enjoy.


These are some more of my printers the Ender/5S1 and the Ender3 V3 and the Ender3 S1 pro and my oldest printer and still operational the Ender3 pro


Nice. I like it… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

How are you running the filament from the Space π dryer…?

The Bowden tube that is supplied with it it runs from the space dryer to the runout sensor

Oh, ok. I see it there now…

Thank you Optimus. I have so much filament I hung on wall above printers. Also have Max Neo, S1 Pro and V3 SE, which are on the other side of my office. Thank you for your kind words.


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Looks great, but something in that first picture just doesn’t belong :rofl:

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Be nice… :grin: We all make mistakes… :upside_down_face:

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No shake with the shelving unit?

Elegoo Neptune 3 and Sunlu S4 dryer.


In 2014 I attended a MakerFaire in Kansas City, Mo. There were so many printers, and decided then; I just had to get one. I bought a DaVinci1.0 because it was enclosed and could print ABS. And its been with me since. I upgraded to Klipper a year ago and its been like a new printer (almost.) Although It just turned 10yrs old; it sems to be getting very lonely… Sometimes I catch it watching MakerDeck ;)… and I think it would like a companion. So I hopefully will have a Creality sitting next to it one of these days.
Happy 10th Creality!!


Always a work in progress but starting to look like something.


That’s a really nice setup. Pretty well organized. I like it…!! :+1:

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I’m just starting out, any recommendations on what services to offer with 3D printing?


Very nice!