(ASA - PETG) Carbon Fiber profile

Hello Everyone

I budget 3 K1 MAX and changed nuzzles to those black 0.4 official creality (carbon fiber type). But I have lots of problems with printing PETG or ASA Carbon Fiber filaments. Any guideline to how to print those with K1 MAX?


I had a few issues with PETG as well. 270C with 80c bed and NO FANS worked out ok. Also having the lid on is a must to keep the heat.
Hope that helps

The problem is that any type of carbon fiber is stuck in the nuzzle or extruder. The problem might be because of the retraction speed or amounts of it. Also carbon fiber must feed directly to extrusion, not via the pipes. because of its high friction. Creality PLA Carbon fiber works fine. but other brands do not. I need a high temperature resistance carbon fiber like ASA PC