Auto leveling not working and updating firmware does not seem to work

I have owned the Ender 3 S1 for about two months and up to recently is has performed very well.
After the last print, the leveling servo stopped working. Showing either solid red or flashing red. When starting the probe tests itself normally. G28 causes it to crash into the bed.
I purchase a new servo kit and installled. Same story.
I’ve tried updating the firmware for the controller to the latest and also the display. This display never updates. The board seems to get the latest firmware. Neither display any messages that either succeeded.
Not sure what to do now.
Please advise…

customer service. it takes a while, but they DO exist! In the meantime: be prepared to open it up, use an anti-static/esd device any time you do this please, check all your connections.
This item was shipped a long way, a myriad of things could happen. But poke your nose in and look around. Physically squeeze the connections together. Have a screwdriver and give the screws a twist. Look for loose wiring.
It’s not working anyway, so invest your time in your hobby getting elbows deep in it. Why not, this super f**king cool hobby has a lot to teach us!