Automatic leveling goes crazy on my CR10S pro

CR10S PRO V1 2.4 mainboard
slicer 4.8.2 (creality)

I set my offset at the right height and printing is doiing fine but when i put the measure knob the printheadnozzle digs in to my printbed (PEI magnetic plate) and keeps going on pressing (so I have to shut off power to avoid damage) on random places of the 25 points.
Never had this problem before.
Who can help me out on this or who had the same problem.

Well I don’t know why no-one responded but i leave the autoleveling disabled it does more harm then good for know so I level it myself.

I set the machine level

a ten step plan to calibrate the sensor helped.

and leveling by using the bed leveling knobs and always hit the 'home’button after making adjustments

Hopefully someone who owns a CR10S Pro will see your post and offer some insight when they can :slight_smile:

thank you Nikoli.