Automatic leveling goes crazy on my CR10S pro

CR10S PRO V1 2.4 mainboard
slicer 4.8.2 (creality)

I set my offset at the right height and printing is doiing fine but when i put the measure knob the printheadnozzle digs in to my printbed (PEI magnetic plate) and keeps going on pressing (so I have to shut off power to avoid damage) on random places of the 25 points.
Never had this problem before.
Who can help me out on this or who had the same problem.

Well I don’t know why no-one responded but i leave the autoleveling disabled it does more harm then good for know so I level it myself.

I set the machine level

a ten step plan to calibrate the sensor helped.

and leveling by using the bed leveling knobs and always hit the 'home’button after making adjustments

Hopefully someone who owns a CR10S Pro will see your post and offer some insight when they can :slight_smile:

thank you Nikoli.

Hello tjan,

unfortunately I don’t have a solution for you. I rather have almost the same problem. But I think I know the root cause for my printer.
I bought the CR-10s Pro used and the bed level sensor was very unreliable. So I replaced it for a inductive one with the same form factor. Much better - but I can’t use the auto leveling any more. The sensor has an offset of about -30mm in x. So if it tries to probe on the left edge of the print bed, the sensor is actually off the bed, detects nothing and runs the nozzle into the bed. :frowning:
So it is not at random positions as in your case - it happens only in the left column of the mesh, the points with the smallest x.
So I can’t use auto leveling, I wouldn’t mind, but it seems to give me problems, I have really ugly first layers, sometimes unusable.

thnks Chris

Do you use a PEI plate?
Ugly first layers most of the time have to do with the nozzleheight especially when using a PEI plate.
The nozzleheight with PEI plates needs to be lower then with a normal plate.

BTW I leave my autoleveling off and its ok with me will never use it again.

Thanks for responding.
Yes I use PEI sheets (on all printers), it’s by far the most convenient build plate, I think.
I have no problem on 220x220 mm² Enders with PEI. One of them has no level sensor, so can only manually be leveled. I never missed auto leveling.
But the CR-10s Pro gives me problems, maybe due to the bigger build area?
I do some further experiments, just cleaned the PEI sheet carefully.
I let you know about new results.

I can’t believe it, cleaning the PEI plate solved my problem. Must be residue from production, because it was new.
Only the fact that the first layer sticks well in some areas and not in others made me think it is a problem of an uneven print bed. 3D printing is a complex matter. :laughing:
Unfortunately, this doesn’t help with your problem. This random failure in bed probing should be of totally different nature.

that’s great to hear :innocent: