Bad adhesion for All in one 3D Print test

Hi! First post here! I got my Ender 3 S1 Pro like 15 days ago, love it, totally hooked to the 3D community now.

I was doing this model test: All In One 3D Printer test by majda107 - Thingiverse

My relevant parameters were the below:

  • Material: PLA
  • 200° nozzle and 65° (for the first layer and 60° the rest for the print) heat bed
  • 50mm/s general speed and 15mm/s for the first layer
  • Brim of 5mm (This is a choose of mine)
  • No supports (I think this is intended as per other models of the creator)
  • I am using the PEI bed plate.

I just want to understand why this happened… bad bed temperatures? Do I need a raft for better adhesion?.

Will clean the plate very good and try again without the brim. Appreciate all the comments.

Hello @Silk2622 and Welcome to the Creality Forum…Creality

I believe there a few others here hooked on this 3D printer thing… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

PLA is more prone to warping. It needs to be stuck down to the bed pretty good to keep that from happening.
Assuming you’ve got the bed leveled the nozzle needs to be a certain distance from the bed in order to “squish” the filament down so it sticks. See if you can set the Z a little closer and see how it goes…

Bed temp could be a little lower like maybe 50 to 60. You’ll have to experiment.

Some one else will probably have a better diagnosis but that’s just some things to check… :+1:


Leveling the bed on this 3d printer is tricky, I think this is something I need to learn by doing, by several repetitions. But I will try again and post my results.

I’d find someone who’s done it before and see if there are any tricks to make it easier. I’d hate to see your new machine get out of whack…

When it comes to leveling always concentrate on the corners rather than the middle of the bed. Once you have all 4 corners tuned to the correct position go around the bed another 2 or 3 times to double check them, if you have to make an adjustment to a screw then go around another 2 to 3 times until you can go around the bed without adjusting a screw. You should find that will help to get as flat level surface as possible.

To help with bed adhesion its always best to wipe over the bed with something like IPA to ensure no grease or debris if left on the plate. If you don’t have any IPA you could always use warm soapy water to de-grease and clean the bed surface.

Also as Jim mentioned… once you have the bed leveled and clean and begin a new print you may need to tweak your Z offset whilst the print is running, you ideally want a first layer with no gaps in it and also no ridges. If you see gaps between the filament lines lower your Z offset slightly, if you see ridges then try raising the offset slightly.

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definitely drop the bed temperature by 5-10°C