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Badge Design Contest - Whether you’re into bold, vibrant hues or subtle, sophisticated shades, we want to see what makes you, YOU!

Design a badge, show it with colors, and reflect who you are and what you love. Win the latest Creality printer, XPPen drawing display, and more.

How to Enter🌟

  1. Follow @Creality3dP and @XPPEN

  2. Design a 2D/3D badge that reflects your personality using your favorite colors, and fill in the form ( with your post link.

  3. Post it with β€œ#BadgeXColor” on Instagram/Twitter(X) and tag us.
    Submission Guidelines🎨
    :paintbrush:2D Submission:
    Design a badge that reflects your personality using at least three colors. Feel free to use any shape you like.
    :printer:3D Printing Submission:
    Design a 3D badge model that shows your personality. For FDM printing, print it with your favorite filament. For resin printing, paint it with at least 3 colors - whatever best expresses you!

Creativity, Originality, Theme Relevance, must be your own original work, and will be disqualified if plagiarism, copyright infringement, or AI generated.

:trophy: Prize

:clap: Engagement Awards (Chosen by Post with the Most Likes ):
Grand Prize (1x): Ender-3 V3 Plus
Runner-Up Prize (2x): 3D Printer Tool Wrap Kit Pro

:art:Creative Awards (Chosen by Discord Users, XPPen & Creality Team, based on the above standards)
Grand Prize (1x): Artist 22 Plus
Runner-Up Prize (2x): Teyvat Fashion Carnival Limited Cylinder

All the submissions will receive an exclusive discount code during your submission:
XPPen extra 5% off COUPON
Creality 10$ off for any purchase

Let’s color the world with your imagination! :purple_heart::blue_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart::orange_heart::heart:

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