Bed leveling not accurate

I have been having problems with the bed not being very level, when printing small items 120x120mm there is no problem. Printing models that take up most of the build plate some areas are good while most are to close. I do the bed leveling before these prints.
Thanks Bruce

Did you update to the latest firmware? With one of the recent firmware updates it got much better. How does your bed mesh look like? (Enter the IP of the printer with http:// infront in the browser of a computer that’s in the same network, does not show in Creality Print).

I have updated to Creality print 5. How do I update firmware and where do I find the IP of the printer?
Thanks Bruce

On the printer screen go to the settings (gear icon) and select “Network”

If there are any firmware updates the printer will show a notification to download if you want.