Bed levelling issue

Creality CR 10 Pro Max

Hello to all

I have some first layer adhesion problems when printing bigger parts.


After reading a lot I, learned that the bed does not have to be level (to the earth plane) but perpendicular to the z-axis.
I measured the distance between the bed on the left and right side and there was a difference of 1,5 mm more on the right side (x-axis). From front to rear it was OK (y-axis).
The angle between the z axis and the x-axis is 90 degrees, so I did nothing about that.
I then adjusted the springs so that there was an even distance from the gantry to the bed everywhere. Then I started the leveling proces manually, with paper and the 5 measure points. To get the same feeling on the paper sheeth, I had to lower the right and after several rounds of slight turning the red knobs, the difference on the right side is back again. How is that possible ?

On the forum is see 3 d mesh graphs of the bed. How do you make thos? Is that possible with the CR series too?

PS See the first pic. I think the nozzle is too close, agree?

PS My Z adjustment is 4,1 Is that a normal value?

Thanks for any help

I did a factory reset.
Auxillary levelling: corners with adjusting the springs, then the center z adjusting.
Then autoleveling. Now the distance left and right of the bed was the same to the x axis. But still the same problems with the first layer adhesion.

I have the printer 4 weeks now and it first worked OK.

The trick was cleaning the PEI sheeth. althought it looked completely clean with the naked eye, washing it with soap and the next try gave a nice first layer !!!

Sometimes the solution is quite simple

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Good to see you got it set up. :+1: :smiley: I don’t know enough about the CR 10 Pro Max to help with suggestions. Sorry.

I do know that cleaning with good soap like you said and also some ISO (alcohol) will help in most cases…