Best Creality Print settings for a figurine

Hello. I am currently trying to print a 11.5 in figurine and was wondering what some recommended settings are as far as infills, walls, densities and such. There are some intricate details along with some overhangs so it would also need a support system. Also, it comes in sections, but I also have it saved as one piece, but the Xray shows the connecting joints as part of the internal to the figure. Are figurines better to print in sections like they come?

Depends on the model and how strong it should be. I usually print with 3 perimeters, with 2 the slicer needs to add too many top layers on underhangs. Most figurines should be fine with 10-15% infill.
You want to split it before printing? Can it be put together easily? Really depends on the model.

The model has a pre split version where all the pieces have tabs so they can be pieced together. I also made a solid form that still shows the tabbing in the arms, legs and head when I select Xray view to look at the models insides. I’m also wondering if these will affect the over print or throw it off at some point.