Best Glue to hold PLA Models Parts together

So what kind of glue are you all using for models and PLA filament…?

I’ve been using super glue to hold parts together and it works ok but definitely have to be careful not to get it on your skin…

Haven’t really tried to experiment with anything else. I wonder if model glue would work like the kind we used to use putting car models together.

If you really need a tight hold then a two part epoxy sparingly. I use JB Weld for repairs that need strength and the joint is stronger than the parts. Model glue would be a good start. Never even though of that. :astonished:

Superglue but with a brush rather than a squirt.

I have been using a very light touch of acetone on both halfs before I join them.
not to much so it drips- it will run and dissolve everything. but its been holding bits for 10 years.