Best Parameters for Vases on K1-Max

I have been into printing Vases lately with many spiral and faceted designs. I am looking for the perfect balance of Strength/Quality/Print time/Watertight, with watertight not being negotiable. I have found that using Vase (Spiral) mode, the strength isn’t there, even with 0.6mm, or 0.8mm nozzles; and of course the finished surface isn’t as nice with the larger diameter nozzles. I tried a couple of designs using Brian Vines’ (BV3D) YouTube on “Fake Vase Mode” suggestions and got pretty good results; however, I still had some leaks in the spiral seams of the design by Streetfire_Industries posted on Thingiverse in 2017. I have also printed many Vases by WRIGHTMEDIA (Thingiverse) inspired by Devin Monte’s. They are all great designs, but I have had problems with leakage on the bottom and some in seams, unless I set layers to 4 (or more) and at least 20-30% infill. I am still a Novice, at this for only 2 years and have three Creality printers, but my K1 MAX is my go-to printer whenever I can use it. I love the auto set-up of calibration and leveling; the speed, the ease of filament change and nozzle change (with Micro Swiss Hot End and nozzle upgrade, and the ability to use just about any filament. I use PLA mostly for vases, but one comment I read on a forum, said that PETG was much better for vases (in Spiral Vase mode?) to achieve a watertight vase.

Any comments or clues would be greatly appreciated by makers that have found the “magic settings” for Creality Print or Orca Slicer with a K1 Max. I am tired of Wax coating the inside and using silicone sealant to achieve a watertight vase.