Better adhesion cure

in my experience and it seems many others the Mage / Pro has a lot of issues with leveling and bed adhesion… after many failed prints i got fed up and bought the halot mage magnetic bed add on with flexible metal build plate. The over all thickness of the addition is 2.5mm. When trying to home i would bottom out with adjustment and compress the screen, also i couldn’t for the life of me find z offset. So out came a Dremel with a carbide 5mm cutting bit (key) i dug the adjustment holes deeper to measure 10.2mm which gave me plenty of clearance to bed level. haven’t taken off main printbed and have ran many perfect prints now… now it is to find better print settings for 100um printing

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Hello @stickman1775 and Welcome to the Creality Forum…! Creality

I appreciate you sharing this experience so others with this issue can hopefully fix it. :+1:

What Z offset are you looking for…? In a slicer…?

There’s no Z offset, this is something product development team can take note for future implementation.

Cutting a larger slot is always an option but not everyone willing to do it lol.

Also bed ahesion has alot to do with temperature and bottom layer exposure time. Every resin is slightly different.