BLTouch Sensor arbeitet, aber Nozzle sitzt zu hoch

ich versuche es mal so kompakt wie möglich zu halten…

•Ender 3 Pro mit V4.2.2 Platine
•BLTouch von Creality
•Z-Stop ausgebaut.

Link Creality Firmware
dort → 2) Ender-3Pro: Marlin Firmware/BL Touch/Open Source Files/Manuals/Drive
(aufgespielt. hat funktioniert)

•Ich habe in Cura in den Druckereinstellungen G28 mit G29 überschrieben.

Erkenntnisse bisher:

•Wenn ich über PREPARE / AUTO HOME gehe fährt er viel zu tief und ich muss ihn ausschalten.
•Wenn ich über CONTROL / BED LEVELING / AUTO HOME gehe, dann fährt er runter, erkennt die Platte und stoppt. Gut. Nozzle steht etwa 5mm über der Platte. Also über PREPARE/MOVE AXIS/Z runtergefahren bis es passt.

Nun habe ich einen Druck gestartet. Er fährt nun 9 Punkte an und löst auch sauber den Touch aus. Danach fährt in die Startposition um etwa 10cm vor und zurück zu fahren um den Materialfluss zu starten etc; BLTouch Sensorstab ist ausgefahren, Jedoch ist die Nozzle wieder etwa 5mm über der Platte!
Dann fährt zum Drucken in die Mitte der Platte und dabei wäre fast der Sensorstab abgebochen, da er ausgefahren ist; die Nozzle sitzt dennoch viel zu hoch über der Platte. Habe dann natürlich shcnell ausgeschaltet, da der Stab über die Platte kratzt…

bin echt ratlos woran es hängt…

I’ll try to keep it as short as possible…

• Ender 3 Pro with V4.2.2 board
• BLTouch from Creality
• Z-stop removed

• Link to Creality firmware:
there → 2) Ender-3Pro: Marlin Firmware/BL Touch/Open Source Files/Manuals/Drive
(flashed, worked)

• In Cura, I have overridden G28 with G29 in the printer settings.

Observations so far:

• When I go through PREPARE / AUTO HOME, it goes down too far and I have to shut it off.
• When I go through CONTROL / BED LEVELING / AUTO HOME, it goes down, detects the bed, and stops. Good. Nozzle is about 5mm above the bed. So, I moved it down using PREPARE/MOVE AXIS/Z until it fits. Then STORE SETTINGS.

Now, I started a print. It now goes to 9 points and triggers the Touch properly. After that, it moves to the starting position to move forward and backward about 10cm to start the material flow, etc. The BLTouch sensorneedle is extended, but the Nozzle is again about 5mm above the bed!
Then, when it moves to print in the middle of the bed, the sensorneedle almost snapped off because it was extended; however, the nozzle is still way too high above the bed. I quickly turned it off, as the probe was scraping across the bed…

I’m really at a loss as to what the issue might be…

Hi @19karoku and welcome to the forums!

Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Ender 3 Pro…

When the printer does its homing procedure it is completely normal for the nozzle to be slightly above the bed once its finished and comes to rest so adjusting the Z offset down by 5 mm is likely what has caused the collisions with the bed surface.

I am also not sure if that site where you obtained the firmware is “official” as such, all firmware files supplied by Creality are on the Official Creality website here:
Ender-3 Pro Software & Firmware Download

I would also recommend not replacing G28 in your Gcode as this command is essential for making the printer probe the bed to locate it prior to meshing the bed with G29. Usually you would not remove G28 but instead add G29 after it.

To give you an example of how the combination of G28 and G29 should be used here is an snippet of Start Gcode from my Ender 3 V2 using the BLTouch probe…

G28 ; Autohome
G29 A ; Activate UBL
G29 L0 ; Load mesh stored in slot 0
G29 J2 ; Autotilt 4 points

As you can see the printer homes first using G28 and then proceeds to move on to the bed leveling process with the G29 commands.

I would recommend adding back the G28 command to your start Gcode so that the printer locates the bed prior to attempting to mesh the bed.

I would also recommend running through the bed leveling process from scratch to make sure your bed it level and all parameters in the settings are configured correctly. Do not adjust the Z offset after calibrating the bed leveling as it will cause the nozzle to crash into the bed. Instead after bed leveling you should start a print and use the Z offset adjustments to slowly baby step the nozzle closer to the bed where it prints correctly.

Here is a guide on how to configure and prepare the printer for use with the BLTouch probe, hopefully it helps in some way…
Installing BLTouch Auto-Leveling on the Creality Ender 3 or Ender 3 Pro

I wish you luck and hopefully starting over from scratch and making sure everything is calibrated correctly should rectify the issues you are having :slight_smile: