BLtough goes of the board when auto levelling with sprite pro

Hi there,

(Ender 3 V2 Neo, sprite extruder, 4.2.2 main board)

I have an Ender 3 V2 Neo and updated it with the sprite pro extruder.
So, I followed all the info & video’s and off course installed the BLtough which comes stock with the NEO.
Also, I have updated the firmware (not the screen though) according the creality website, adjusted the settings (424,9) and I thought I was good to go.
Now the printer does print but when I try to use the auto levelling tool in the software, it goes to the forward right corner and the BLtough doesn’t tough the board.
It’s actually just in front of the board…
you would think they would have included this in the upgraded firmware…

So, I have been searching like crazy to find an answer and how to fix this.
apparently you have to change the BLtough Y coordinates but I don’t know, and cannot find it, how to do it…
so, please help?
what and how do I need to do it?