Blue Teflon tube, where does it belong?

I’m replacing the hotend of my K1 printer. It seems now that after installing the heatsink I still have a piece of blue Teflon (about 20 mm long) which only can come from the K1, but I don’t know where to put in. From below, it does not go into the lower opening where the filament goes through. From top, it sticks in the pneumatic tube fitting, and it’s a chore to pull it back. Somehow I think it should guide the filament, Or is the filament really unguided between the top and the hotend?

Thanks for your help

Oh well, problem still open. However, I installed a brand new hotend + cooler plate, but then spent several hours trying to load a PETG-filament. It seems the filament gets stuck somewhere in the bowels ot the print head, extraction is not possible.
Desperate, I cut off a short end of the filament and turned it like a drill during the extrusion. Lo and behold, suddenly it found a way into the nozzle and it extruded! But then I thought I could follow with the end of the spool, but that didn’t work, Now I have (I think) the whole hotend filled with PETG, and no way forward or back. Good thing is, I’m now quite fluent in dismantling the hotend!
Big question now, what hinders the filament to go down to the nozzle?


That short piece of blue PTFE tube goes in the extruder before you place it back. It’s usually a blue color. This pic shows white. It helps guide the filament into the hotend.


This video gives a better idea of where it goes… :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you very much, all is clear now, and I understand why the filament stopped moving down.
Just have to remove the rest of the filament below the extruder - or maybe it isn’t even necessary when the blue tube is in the correct place. Then my printer should work again.


I bought another/new K1 Max printer, from a new shipment that recently arrived from China. After unscrewing the extruder, I saw that there was no blue tube there. Up until now I always had a “blue tube” in the extruder in the K1 Max. Has Creality abandoned the “blue tube” in the extruder in the new series, or is it an assembly error?


I think the newer extruders don’t have the teflon guide tube because of the newer unicorn hot end set up…? I could be wrong if someone else knows…?

The K1C doesn’t need that as the unicorn nozzle goes completely through, there’s no place to put the tube. The earlier extruder pictures look different than my K1C extruder, so I can’t say why the tube would be missing.