Brand New Falcon2 Pro 40w no x axis

Hi folks,
I have already logged this with creality support (both via chat and email) but am yet to get a reply. In the mean time I thought I would ask here in case it is something stupid I have missed.

Brand new, unboxed and put together. Got everything connected to lightburn fine but jogging the x axis doesn’t work. Sometimes it seems to stutter the motor in place but never moves. Homing times out with a “could not find limit switch” (the head does not move) and I get the same results if I use the manual buttons on the front of the machine.

Very disappointed that I have not been able to get started and a little concerned about the support experience so far. What are other people’s views? Am I better off just returning it and going with a different brand (though that would also require some communication from Creality) or persevering in the hopes they can get this very expensive paperweight up and running?

As for troubleshooting, I have checked belt tension and everything moves when manually pushed around. The main thing I have noticed is that when the Y axis motor engages, that axis cannot be moved by hand until the operation is complete. This never occurs for the X, the motor never “locks” the axis. Hope that makes sense.

Thanks for any help / advice.

First thing I’d do is check all cables for bent pins.
There were numerous issues with this.
Gently disconnect and visually inspect the pins on the x-axis cable/socket. If bent, “politely” un-bend it, but be extra careful as to not break it.

Have you tried to manually trigger the limit switch while it’s trying to home the laser? That would let you konw if it’s only related to the X-axis, or if the limit switch are at play too.

If nothing works, you definitely need to have a replacement from wherever you bought it from.

Good luck!

Great idea with the limit switch, I’ll give that a go and see what happens. If nothing else it gives me more information to supply in the support ticket. I’m hesitant to check over the pins in case they say I have broken it and the warranty is void.

I bought direct from Creality so I am at the mercy of their support team. Thanks for the luck, based on reviews I may need it.

Thanks for the reply :+1:

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The plot thickens, I tried the limit switch and it did trigger (a pulloff fault but I expected that, at least I know the limit is working). After leaving it for a day I am getting different behaviour now. I still cant control the x axis, but jogging Y will move both for a couple of jogs (and always move X to the right until it crashes) After two or three x stops responding again. I’ve done another video and forwarded it to support (still no response from them) but there is certainly something wrong with this machine.

Hope others are having more luck. I’ll post back on this with my support experience, if it ever happens, for future searchers.

The F2 22w/40w I received caused a power surge on multiple computer USB ports. After 5 days going back and forth with support via email (and support is only via email which sucks), they finally issued an RMA and set me a return FEDEX label. Once they received the faulty unit back, which they did, they then sent the replacement unit, which they did not give me a tracking number which I asked for. So I don’t know when and if the replacement will arrive. Don’t have a a very positive feeling of thier support methods.