Bug Report: Creality Print v4.3.8.7021 Release

When Enable Retraction is checked in Creality Print v4.3.8.7021, the resulting gcode unnecessarily sends the printhead to the front left side of the bed:

M106 S0
M106 P1 S255
G0 F12000 X2.826 Y2.829 Z0.6
G0 X99.461 Y99.564 Z0.4

This is a problem when there is already another structure in that general location (such as a purge line) because it can cause a violent printhead collision.

Unchecking Enable Retraction is a workaround, but prevents use of retraction when printing the rest of the object. Editing the offensive line out of the GCode is cumbersome and will eventually lead to users to abandon Creality Print for another slicer application.

Can you please see if you can reproduce the issue and issue a corrective patch?

Screenshot is attached.

Thank you.

Larry Shenosky
Spring Hill, FL

GCODE Issue Creality Print

Where did you get that version…?

I could be wrong but I believe most of us have 4.3.8. 6984 version

Could you go back to a previous version and see if that helps…?