Build bed heat questions

I am having adhesion problems with my Ender 3 S1 Pro. the first layer seems to adhere well for a while, but about halfway through the print it lets go then the print head moves the product around. I did go through the process of cleaning the nozzle (uninstalled) releveling the bed, reset the Z offset to 3.15 (manually) and I have cleaned the bed with isopropyl alcohol to no affect.
How does the build plate heat affect adhesion? Does it get less with more heat?

I’m using those gold build plate sheets which I’m assuming is what everybody means when they talk about the PEI sheet.

Probably the first layer is good enough but not perfect, maybe needs a tiny bit more squish.
You can only adjust that manually.
Generally the adhesion is better with higher temperature but you can’t go too high, 55°C to 60°C for PLA.
How does the part geometry look like? Is the first layer touching on a big enough surface?

Thanks for your response, in the meantime, I started to play with a Z offset, and found that it was too high thus the filament was cooling too fast before it hit the build plate. I actually got it down to a -3.35.
I found it interesting but having the nozzle too high gets a print that looks pretty much like one that is too low in that there’s a lot of adhesion problems. Too low and you get blobs of filament and two high the filament deposit is lacy.
The learning curve continues.