Build plate question

hi, i have a buildplate question , i have an ender 3 s1 pro with gold colored buildplate , printer is great , great prints out of the box, prints release great when the plate cools off.

i also have an ender 3 s1 plus that prints great also , but has dark colored plate , prints are hard to get off of buildplate whether plate is hot or cool. using exact same settings for both machines .

what can i do to get them to release easier from plus machine?


Hi @rbrintle and welcome to the forums.

It sounds like you have a PEI bed on the S1 pro and possibly a PEX type sheet on the S1 Plus. You should find that you can purchase the PEI sheets for the S1 Plus online. They are usually available in smooth or textured.

Hope that helps.

Which material are you printing? I have PEI buildplates on all my machines. PLA, if you let it cool will pretty much fall off the bed. PETG and TPU seems to want to be warm, sticks too strong when it is cold. I’ve never used gluestick or hairspray on PEI plates.

hi, im using pla filament , on my 3 pro part releases easily when bed is cool

hi, pei plate fixed my problem , print adheres to plate great and when cool comes off great

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Glad to hear the new plate is working well for you! Happy printing :slight_smile: