Buying a new laser engraver

I build custom fishing rods. I would like to buy a machine that allows me to engrave cork and EVA foam handles as well as cut EVA sheets to add inlays to my handles.
I would also like to be able to engrave some of my carbon fiber grip and aluminum components.
I am looking at the Falcon 40w with a rotary tool.
Does anyone know the maximum length of a handle I would be able to engrave? I frequently build 12 in handles. And, if they are not perfectly cylindrical (they may have some contour to them) will this be a problem or does the laser adjust to the variation in diameter?

The other materials that you mentioned will engrave or cut without a problem, but pure aluminum (besides anodized aluminum, which does work) can not be engraved with a 455nm diode laser. You would need for example a fiber laser for thatif it’s not anodized, which then unfortunately can not engrave some organic materials very well which the Falcon 2 can.
The laser does not adjust to variation in diameter, but within a few mm it would be able to still engrave even if it’s not in perfect focus. Also mounting 12" handles would probably need some special construction to hold the other end because it’s too long for the standard rotary roller or the one with the chuck.