Can I print PLA faster than the recommended speed?

Hey there!
I just bought the Ender 3 V3 KE. It’s my first 3D Printer, but I have some experience.
With it, I bought 2kg of the Ender PLA value pack, because my budget isn’t really high.
I know that the V3 KE can print up to 500mm/s, but the filament I bought only recommends up to 80mm/s on the packaging.
Can I print with it faster than this, or do I need to keep this slower speed?

You can do anything in moderation. Try running at different speeds and check results but beware there a speed caps in firmware of your type machine. Be advised your print quality will degrade at a point.

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Thank you!

Your printer must heat and extrude filament to accommodate the speed of the print head. As print speed increases, the physical limitations of the machine will dictate the maximum speed. You can’t print faster than you can melt filament. Run increasingly faster until you see poor results. Also, faster means more shaking which will limit the max. speed.

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Thanks a lot!