Can laser module be installed on non-creality 3D printer

Can I use laser module(10W) with a non-creality 3d printer?

That is a great question!

The non-creality 3d printer needs to know how to talk to your laser.

I see 2 potential issues here:

  • The Cable - the printer needs to know how to modulate the power being sent to the laser module
  • The way the g-code is interpreted by the printer. The g-code is slightly different between a printer and a laser

But, I never tried, nor did I see it being done.
So maybe it could possibly work fine!

I guess, if you find out, let us know :slight_smile:

Module consists of two main parits - laser head and controller(black box with button). Normally you connect your laser head to controller by wire(labled Z). So it is the same for any printer - no problem here. But X and Y motors are driven by controller via X and Y connectors. Here the main issue. We need compatibility here: controller(driver) expects Creality motors, but on my printer (Tronxy XY2 pro) motors don’t work. I thought that all stepper motors talk the same NEMA protocol…