Can you name a profile

Is it possible to name a Profile? I create a new profile and it is always labeled PLA and balanced, speedy or Dynamic.

Welcome to the Creality forum. I was wondering about naming profiles also…

Try the + button at the bottom of the Parameter Config box in C-Print

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yes it is possible. You can define different kind of Profile.
Profile for the Quality.
In the right Window, select + (add)
Give a new name
You can copy from a other Profile, like High Quality; Quality or Normal
Than open the Edit window you can change parameter for Printing
Than save
You can also create same printer with different nozzle

Thanks, but I am not presented with those options. Here is what the left side looks like. No (+).


If I choose New Profile. Here is what I get. Again, no place for a name:

Hello Paul,
tomorrow i will send you picture step by step.
I just shutdown the PC. In Greece is now 21:40 o’clock.
Which version and which release from Creality Print is installed?


Ok. I use the Version 4 . I start short with Version 3, than Using Update and download the Version 4 and install.
My feeling now, better than Version 3 and similar the Cura Slicer 5.4.
I have both installed Creality Print and Cura. I prefer now the Creality-Print in connection with the Creality Sonic Pad. The Sonic Pad I get last Saturday :slight_smile:

How do like the Sonic Pad…? Did you have any problems setting it up…?

Yes, I like. The setup was not a problem, going fast.
Always a but :slight_smile: .
But next morning, I start the Sonic Pad, in the printer I hear two clicks, but that was all. Now I must the switch the Printer to Power on, its not normal. But than working fine.
Other Point, only http is support for the Webpage. So I can see the webcam only in WLAN or LAN, no chance to connect me from outside, than the router accept only https access. I must allowed my browser, that he accept non secure webpages.
But this are two other story.

  • sorry about my English, my Dauther say German English :slight_smile:

With Creality Print Version 4 you have the + and can define many profiles for each material that you use.

Thanks! That did it. Now if I could only add supports!