Cannot print on all bed area


I am trying to print an object sized 290mm X 270mm and I am failing time after time because the PLA is not sticking near the borders of the plate.
I expected that my printer will be able to print such size because the bed size is 300mm X 300mm.

The plate I am using is the original Creality PEI that comes with the printer (CR-10 Smart Pro).

By the way, reducing the print size to 260mm X 245mm prints great.

Am I missing something ?


Clean the bed with dishsoapwater

near the borders are fingerprints most of the time they have to be cleaned of the plate with dishsoapwater.
After it is cleaned dried and reinstalled the print will stick better

also check your z offset at a PEI plate it is a bit lower then on a normal plate

Thanks, will try :slight_smile:

Also, what material are you printing with? There can be a large temperature difference on the plate between the middle and the edges (with the edges obviously the cooler). PLA with a bed temperature of around 40°C or lower is probably most forgiving. Effects of draughts in the room can cause failures with PETG (bed temperature 70-80°C), and ABS (bed temperature 100°C+) is effectively impossible without a well-designed enclosure.